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Sample Solution Algorithm to Determine Meal Charges

Week 2 Activity †Meal Purchase TCO #2†Given a basic business issue, plan an answer calculation that utilizes number juggling articulations and implicit capacities. Task: you will probably tackle the accompanying basic programming exercise. You have been shrunk by a nearby eatery to structure a calculation deciding the complete feast charges. The calculation ought to approach the client for the all out food buy and the tip percent. At that point, the calculation will figure the measure of a tip, a 7% deals charge, and the all out feast charge (counting tip). The food buy, deals charge, tip sum, and absolute feast charge should be shown to the client. Make certain to THINK about the rationale and plan first (IPO diagram and pseudocode), at that point code the Visual Logic order line preparing. Show all yield utilizing money arranging (worked in Visual Logic work). Progressed (discretionary): utilize a constants for the 7% deals charge. Rubric: When finished staple the accompanying reports together conveniently in 1,2,3,4 request: †¢This guidance sheet first †¢The IPO Chart, second †¢The Pseudocode, third †¢The Flowchart and yield model last. Point dissemination for this application: Meal Purchase Document: Points potential: Points got IPO Chart Pseudocode 6 Flowchart 8 Total Points 20 IPO Chart: Input Processing Output Enter Total Food Purchase Price Calculate Food value Add Tip %* Total Food Purchased Add 7% charge * Total Food Purchased Total Meal Charge Pseudocode: Begin mealPurchase Total Food Purchased Imput absolute Purchased Food Amount Please enter the sum for tip percent Imput tip percent Set complete tip = tip percent/100 Set all out tip=total tip * Total food bought sum Set all out tax= deals charge/100 Set all out tax= all out tax* = all out food bought sum End Flowchart: Example Output after execution:

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Homelessness: What We Can Do About It

â€Å"Being destitute is frequently characterized as resting in the city. Despite the fact that this is the most obvious and serious type of vagrancy, there are numerous different kinds of intense lodging need. These remember living for transitory settlement, poor or packed conditions, or being in contract overdue debts and under danger of re-ownership. † (Hope, 27) It is a side effect of numerous intricate issues: dysfunctional behavior, enthusiastic flimsiness, ignorance, interminable substance misuse, joblessness, and, generally fundamental of all, the breakdown of city arranging. Anybody can get destitute and the reasons that power individuals into vagrancy are numerous and differed. The main source, in any case, of vagrancy in the United States is the failure of destitute individuals to manage the cost of lodging. â€Å"Housing costs have risen fundamentally in the course of the most recent decade, while the salaries of poor and white collar class Americans have deteriorated. † (Erickson, 169) The a great many Americans who are jobless or work in low-paying occupations are among the most helpless against getting destitute. In this manner, vagrancy, lodging, and pay are inseparably connected. Low-salary individuals are much of the time unfit to pay for lodging, food, kid care, human services, and training. Troublesome decisions must be made when restricted assets spread just a portion of these necessities. Frequently it is lodging, which takes a high extent of salary that must be dropped. Two significant wellsprings of salary are from business and open help. A decline in both of them would surely put destitute individuals in danger of vagrancy. Moreover, the lowest pay permitted by law income no longer lift families over the destitution line. In excess of 3 million poor Americans spend the greater part of their all out pay on lodging, yet the Department of Housing and Urban Development gauges families ought to spend close to 30%. † (Gilbert, 84) Although numerous destitute grown-ups are utilized, they work in day-work occupations that don't address fundamental issues, while mechanical quickening bars others from a serious activity showcase. Numerous variables have added to declining work open doors for huge portions of the workforce, including the loss of well-paying assembling employments. The decrease in generally secure and well-paying employments in assembling, which have been supplanted by less secure and ineffectively paid occupations in the administration division, has enormously constrained the open doors for inadequately taught and low-talented fragments of the populace. This change has prompted an exceptional occurrence of interminable joblessness and underemployment. (Hardin, 379) â€Å"Underemployment is a particularly helpful proportion of the decrease in secure employments since, dissimilar to the joblessness rate, proportions of underemployment reflect people who are jobless, yet in addition automatic part-clocks and the individuals who have quit any pretense of looking for work. (Hardin, 263) Notwithstanding expanding underemployment, an expected 29. 4% of the workforce are utilized in nonstandard work courses of action, for instance, free contracting, working for a transitory assistance organization, day work, and customary low maintenance business. These sorts of work game plans commonly offer lower compensation, less advantages, and less professional stability. â€Å"As as of late as 1967, an all year laborer procuring the lowest pay permitted by law was paid enough to raise a group of three over the neediness line† (Sklar, 103). From 1981-1990, be that as it may, â€Å"the the lowest pay permitted by law was solidified at $3. 5 60 minutes, while the typical cost for basic items expanded 48% over a similar period. Congress raised the lowest pay permitted by law to $5. 15 every hour in 1996. This expansion made up just marginally the greater part of the ground lost to swelling in the 1980s† (Hardin, 191). Along these lines, full-time all year the lowest pay permitted by law profit as of now not equivalent to the evaluated destitution line for a group of three. Obviously, the decrease in the estimation of the lowest pay permitted by law has been joined by an expansion in the quantity of individuals winning destitution level wages and the declining compensation have put lodging far off for some specialists, in each state. Cut open help has additionally left numerous individuals destitute or in danger of vagrancy. Substitution of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) qualification program, a program that was at that point deficient in addressing the necessities of families, with the non-privilege square award program would fundamentally expand the danger of vagrancy for some Americans. Besides, earned salary and resource constraints dishearten people and families from breaking the pattern of vagrancy and outrageous neediness. A few states have ended or decreased open help and food stamps for people, while Social Security Income (SSI) is deficient, and some of the time difficult to acquire, for incapacitated people. Thus, the quantity of poor Americans is developing and the poor are getting less fortunate. Across America, there has been a significant decrease in the quantity of lodging units that low-pay individuals and those needing cover help can manage. Those misfortunes have come about basically from downtown urban reestablishment, improvement, relinquishment, and rural land use controls. The disposal and decrease of government low pay lodging programs has likewise drastically diminished the flexibly of moderate haven. Besides, development of low pay and helped lodging has basically halted. Because of the expanded interest and lessened gracefully of lodging or safe house, the issue of vagrancy is additionally disintegrated. The measure of lodging accessible in the private division rental stock is decreasing quickly. As an ever increasing number of proprietors relinquish high rises and houses instead of fix them, the lodging gracefully for the poor has declined at a quickening pace in certain urban communities in the country. The development of administration area work in focal business areas has pulled in salaried experts, a significant number of whom want to live in open focal city neighborhoods, where they contend with poor, indigenous occupants for private market lodging (Noyelle, 210). The outcome is much of the time improvement of downtown lodging which generally has been the significant wellspring of low-pay lodging. Simultaneously, downtown help segment extension has made occupations for some, low-pursued specialists, which builds the interest for minimal effort cover promptly open to the midtown. It makes the destitute in downtown significantly harder to lease a spot to live. Downtown improvement likewise decreases the flexibly of low-salary lodging for destitute individuals. As the City raises all the more new office towers, the opportunity for lodging is getting less. In Seattle, for example, office space in downtown developed from 13 million square feet in 1981 to around 24 million square feet in 1990. Then again, the midtown low-pay lodging stock declined from around 11,000 units in 1980 to under 6,000 units in 1987. With the entry of new lodging demands, urban areas will attempt to recapture some low salary units, yet today s low-pay units disappear quicker than they can be fabricated and there is as yet a deficiency in lodging gracefully in downtown territories. In addition, the characteristics of impermanent havens for vagrants are awful that they think remaining on roads is a superior decision. Not just have the lost bed-spaces not been made up, yet the new lodgings are not as promptly open to the destitute coming legitimately off the road. They will in general take into account extraordinary necessities gatherings and access will in general be through referral. Organizers can assume a significant job in the quest for answers for vagrancy. What's more, vagrancy is a broad, complex procedure. Various types of mediation are expected to manage the issue. Be that as it may, the most generally acknowledged methodology is a three-level framework, starting with crisis shields and traveling through transitional lodging to long haul lodging. Restoration of old structures by insignificant financing are normal tasks to give safe houses to the vagrants. Nonetheless, a few spectators recommends that making the remodel of structures for low-salary lodging beneficial, for designers or speculators, can be the answer for the destitute issue. Our assessment clarifies that piecemeal mediation can reduce crisis cover emergencies, however such activity won't resolve the drawn out issue of discovering perpetual safe house for the destitute and returning them to the standard of society at every possible opportunity, which we see as a definitive objective of intercession. Similarly clear is that while long haul intercession techniques are imperative, they don't address the issues of endurance for those by and by without sanctuary and backing. We presume that both long haul and transient measures are fundamental, however that all the arrangements ought to be founded on coordinated, extensive comprehension of the vagrancy issue. Just such a thorough methodology will permit organizers to create functional procedures with any possibility for progress.

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On going on a journey free essay sample

While going through the wide open nature is organization enough for the storyteller and he needs to vegetate like the nation and be a piece of it. A friend continually helps him to remember himself and spot. Hazlitt leaves his town to overlook it and every one of its affiliations, his ordinary self and others. However, a friend, while talking, drops an insight or so helping him to remember his regular presence that he needs to desert. The spirit of an excursion is freedom, the freedom to think, to believe, to act and be what one enjoys with no commitment to comply with rationale, desires and habits. On the off chance that a partner is available, the essayist must act and adjust to the requests of cooperation. In this way the companion disrupts the general flow of his freedom. On the off chance that he has a friend, decent habits request that they should converse with one another. The subjects in such cases are frequently the stale and rehashed ones. We will compose a custom exposition test on On going on an excursion or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page The need to converse with the friend won't permit him to do however he sees fit. He might most likely want to run, giggle, sing and bounce. He might want to dive into his past, since quite a while ago overlooked things and dream over them. He can't enjoy the insights calm. He would most likely stay quiet for long time pondering and talk for some time. Such a weak partnership is one that the author would better not have. The essayist doesn't discover any insight in feeling and talking simultaneously. He faces the steady need to make an interpretation of his sentiments into words and to convey them. The delight of feeling excited by an excellent scene or an article transforms into a drudge. The psyche enrolls an impression profoundly on the off chance that it gets adequate time to muse over a thing. Hindered by the steady need to impart, the things seen can't leave a profound impression in the psyche. Along these lines the essayist wants to utilize the synthetical strategy in an excursion, not the scientific. To see, feel things and store the impressions and thoughts in the psyche to examine them later. Regardless of whether one is prepared and ready to impart one’s sentiments, the friend might not have the vital reasonableness to share the emotions. On the off chance that one discussions about the smell from a bean field, the companion most likely doesn't have the sharp feeling of smell. He might be too childish to see an inaccessible article that one jumps at the chance to discuss. The author feels that specific correspondences can't be conveyed by any stretch of the imagination. The impact of the very demeanor of the spot or a fix of cloud has on the psyche can't presumably be clarified. However he will attempt to represent it and impart it to his companion. Such an outlandish assignment may deliver grouchiness. In addition a view or a scene may bring into the brain a specific affiliations, excessively sensitive and refined to be conveyed. With a buddy within reach, an explorer needs to unwind the puzzle of his being and his emotions in wonderful words. Artists like Samuel Taylor Coleridge who have the fine wonderful franticness in them, can dress their musings and sentiments in delightful words precipitously, following seeing an excellent item. Be that as it may, Hazlitt doesn't be able to decipher an inclination on the double into excellent words like Coleridge. Hazlitt might want to enter a hotel in the town or a town without anyone else. He might want to enjoy inactive preoccupations, to consider his food and to get the smell of food coming out of the kitchen. In the event that at all he must have a friend in a motel, he wants to have an outsider. With a more peculiar we are not under the steady need of association. Regardless of whether we don't talk the outsider wouldn't fret. Also the more bizarre won't know the essayist. To him the essayist isn't a man of fixed personality with a clear anticipated character and nature. So the essayist can without much of a stretch accept any symbolism character and character. To the standard associates a man has a fixed character with a specific anticipated character. Prior to outsiders, the essayist can undoubtedly overlook his standard being. Hazlitt likes to be distant from everyone else on an excursion, yet with a couple of desires. He would not protest hosting a companion or a get-together with him while visiting an authentic ruin or an image display like Stonehenge, Oxford, Athens or Rome. These are clear issues or matters that can be mentally dissected. One can discuss them. In any case, the sentiments excited by a scene or a perspective on nature are unadulterated emotions that are hard to dissect and impart. Hazlitt might likewise want to have a partner while heading out to a remote nation. He feels so likely on the grounds that an Englishman has a hostility towards outside habits and language. So he might want to converse with a buddy and offer his sentiments with a companion to feel quiet in an outside nation amoung outsiders. Hazlitt might want to have a companion to converse with when he is before such compelling things like the desert of Arabia or the Pyramids of Egypt. One feels lost and desolate, as though cut off from society. So to conquer that sentiment of segregation Hazlitt needs some association and backing from an individual man.

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Nanotechnology In Medicine, Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (Figure 2E) - 275 Words

Nanotechnology In Medicine, Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (Figure 2E) (Essay Sample) Content: Nanomaterials possessing superparamagnetic properties, such as iron oxide nanoparticles (Figure 2E), can be directed in situ using a magnetic field potentially to the site of infection. Iron oxide nanoparticles have been used for numerous biomedical applications, such as for the separation of biomolecules from bacteria or delivery of antibiotics and drugs, with simultaneous enhancement of MRI contrast.4244 For in vivo applications, regional magnetic targeting has been used to increase the local concentration of certain magnetic materials in one body compartment (for example, the brain or upper or lower body). A study by Chertok et al focused on improving drug uptake across the BBB using 100 nm superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) and a 0.4 T static magnetic field, where a fivefold increase in nanoparticle exposure was achieved in a brain cancer model as determined by MRI.45 It has also been demonstrated that a magnetic field can increase the uptake of m agnetic nanoparticles into bacterial biofilms (Figure 4B). Using mixed methods of targeting and imaging, SPION could further improve the treatment of infections. One such method...

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Comparing Frankenstein And The Creature - 981 Words

At the first glance, Victor Frankenstein and his Creature appear as complete opposites with little to nothing in common. Victor seems intelligent and humane while the Creature’s actions insinuate that he possesses uneducated and monstrous qualities. After becoming more familiar with the characters and their actions, the pair still seem to have a few differences; however, they share some key characteristics. Finally, after analyzing Frankenstein and the Creature’s personalities and habits, it becomes obvious that the two experience a shocking amount of affinities towards one another. These similarities include loneliness and persistence. Other more specific examples involve their inclination towards playing God and their hunger for knowledge. Demonstrated by the many examples provided throughout the novel, the identifiable common traits between Frankenstein and the Creature continuously develop as the reader obtains a greater understanding of their monstrous person alities. The story begins by focusing on the Frankenstein family and specifically Victor who already displays signs of isolation. During his childhood, he withdrew from the usual childish ways of living which separated him from his siblings and peers. As he grew older and more mature, he focused primarily on his education which he later followed to the University of Ingolstadt to study chemistry and natural philosophy. He remained distant from his family there and concerned himself only with hisShow MoreRelatedComparison Between Frankenstein And Mary Shelley s Frankenstein1644 Words   |  7 Pagescharacters and their traits. This difference can be seen when comparing the creature in Mary Shelley’s original novel Frankenstein to multiple newer representations. The creature is portrayed differently in almost all illustrations; unfortunately, all modern representations of the creature tend to be wrong. The creature’s physical characteristics, intellectual abilities , morals, and actions are all drastically different when comparing modern representations to Shelley’s actual portrayal of the beingRead MoreThemes Of Love And Hate1443 Words   |  6 PagesLove and hate are both an occurring theme in both Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. In this essay I will be comparing the similarities and differences of the way that the two texts portray the feeling of love and hate. The essay will be divided into different topics that I will be comparing, these following topics will be: death, passion, betrayal and one more. Romeo and Juliet was a play that was written by the famous English poet, playwright William Shakespeare whoseRead MoreBiblical Analysis Of Mary Shelley s Frankenstein 1376 Words   |  6 Pages16 November 2015 Biblical Analysis: Frankenstein Frankenstein by Mary Shelley often refers to the bible on a number of occasions. However, it is worth noting that many references used by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein can often be identified in Genesis. Much like Genesis, the story of Frankenstein is a viable creation story. The book of Genesis first explains the creation of man and woman, and also recounts the fall of humanity. Unlike Genesis, Frankenstein begins with the fall of humanity, leadingRead MoreComparing Mary Shelleyà ©s Frankenstein with The Tale of Despereaux646 Words   |  3 PagesWhen comparing Mary Shelley’s gothic novel, â€Å"Frankenstein† to the 2008 movie, â€Å"The Tale of Despereaux† a common theme that runs through the novel is the character archetype of innocence to evil. In â€Å"The Tale of Despereaux,† one of the major characters in the story is Chiaroscuro, or Roscuro. Roscuro is a rat who is misunderstood by people who have not yet met him. He travels with a human companion by boat and docks in the kingdom of Dor during the annual Royal Soup Day. Roscuro, enchanted by theRead MoreFrankenstein As A Biblical Reference Essay1593 Words   |  7 Pages Williams 1 Benjamin Compton English 105 10/3/17 Frankenstein as a Biblical Reference In Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, had an inter-textual connection to the bible. Shelley connects the creature to Satan, his relation to Adam, the story of Adam and Eve, the book of Genesis and his reading of Paradise Lost. As the bible was an esteemed text in the early 1800s, Shelley’s use of it in her novel served to establish Frankenstein as a sort of parable of didactic text. She beginsRead MoreThe Great Writers From The Romantic Era1389 Words   |  6 Pagesmake approaches but which it is incapable of attaining† did in fact influence Mary Shelley’s writing of Frankenstein (Wordsworth, â€Å"From Enlightenment† 84) From the picturesque images of Mount Blanc and Lake Genva, to the frozen North Sea, it feels like Wordsworth’s hand is guiding Shelley’s pen as the foundation for the novel is laid down, and it is this presence of the sublime that makes Frankenstein the masterful piece of art it is with adding in the sublime. With adding in the sublime Shelley wasRead MoreThe Age Of Enlightenment In Frankenstein835 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the period when Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published was a complicated time period with a lot of change happening throughout the European world. Much of the change during this time period can be attributed to the thoughts and works of individuals during the Age of Enlightenment. Consequently, many of the ideas and theories that were expressed during the Age of Enlightenment are found throughout Shelley’s gothic novel. Furthermore, the Age of Enlightenment impacted the events depictedRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of Elizabeth Lavenza s Frankenstein 1562 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish 251 October 2, 2017 Character Analysis of Elizabeth Lavenza in Frankenstein In Mary Shelley’s 1831 novel, Frankenstein, there are several smaller characters that help to move the plot forward. Perhaps the most influential character to Victor Frankenstein’s life is Elizabeth Lavenza, his doomed fiancà ©. By the end of the novel, her character serves as the final tool for Victor Frankenstein to be able to understand his creature. Parallel to the time-period, Elizabeth seems to exist by and throughRead MoreMary Shelley s Frankenstein And The Modern Prometheus912 Words   |  4 PagesShelley s masterpiece Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus as a starting point to drive the question: what it means to be human. Mary Shelley s Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus suggests the possibility of reconstructing a broader approach towards scientific discovery by portraying the dangers of blindly pursuing scientific knowledge done so by the modern Prometheus that is Victor Frankenstein. Thomas Vargish in Technology and Impotence in Mary Shelley s Frankenstein states that althoughRead MoreDr. Frankenstein is the Real Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein883 Words   |  4 Pagesyellow eye of the creature open; it breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs,† writes Mary Shelley, describing the moment in which Victor Frankenstein fully identifies his creation. He realizes that this monster could ruin both his life and the lives of many more people. Shortly after this realization, the creator rushes out of the room. What to do now that this creature is alive and ready to do as it pleases? After reading the Mary Shelley novel, ‘Frankenstein’ I will try to answer

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Essay on Women Oppressed in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre: Women Oppressed Gender is not a biological fact but a social construct. However, so many assumptions have been made in the attempt to define the terms gender and sex that society often defines gender as being solely male and female. The female sex has traditionally been oppressed due to inferences on physical and mental constraints that male-dominated society has imposed. As with culture, gender socialization begins with birth and the family structure, though many believe that specific events also have a great influence on the boundaries of gender. It has been suggested, for example, that schooling and education systems have a large responsibility in the formation of gender divisions. Gender differences have†¦show more content†¦For example, within the family, many women are expected to hold a job outside the home while acting as the primary caretaker of children. In some cases, though, the division of labor separates women from the workplace; The division of labor in the typical fami ly leaves most women far less capable than men of supporting themselves, and this disparity is accentuated by the fact that children of separated or divorced parents usually live with their mothers (17). Therefore, both females and youth are put at risk by the effects of gender separation on the family. Left orphaned and under the care of extended family, Jane Eyre faced oppression from a young age. Though strong-willed and independent with an unusual (and considered unnatural by some) brand of spunk, Jane worked hard to appease her aunt, Mrs. Reed, while at the same time representing everything that a young woman of the time should have shunned according to cultural practices; I dared commit no fault: I strove to fulfill every duty; and I was termed naughty and tiresome, sullen and sneaking, from morning to noon, and from noon to night (Brontà « 14). Hints from nursemaid Bessie were of no avail to Jane, You should try to be useful and pleasant, then perhaps, you would have a home here; but if you become passionate and rude, Missis will send you away, I am sure (12). Bessies words prophesized Janes future departure, but ten year-old Jane didShow MoreRelatedCharlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢S Writing Was Considered Controversial1019 Words   |  5 PagesCharlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s wri ting was considered controversial because of the position of the main character being opposite of what was represented by women in the time period. Her style of writing was influenced by her life, her loss of several family members and her sister’s similar styles of writing. Charlotte Brontà « was brought up among terrible conditions, with much loss and change in her lifetime. Charlotte Brontà « was born on April 21, 1816 as the third daughter of Maria Branwell and Reverend PatrickRead More The Oppressed Female in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre886 Words   |  4 PagesThe Oppressed Female in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontà « clearly demonstrates the relationship between sexuality and morality in Victorian society through the character of Bertha Mason, the daughter of a West Indian planter and Rochesters first wife. Rochester recklessly married Bertha in his youth, and when it was discovered shortly after the marriage that Bertha was sexually promiscuous, Rochester locked her away. Bertha is called a maniac and isRead MoreThe Exposure of Feminist Critique in 19th Century Literature: a Look at Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s Jane Eyre1749 Words   |  7 Pagessatirical. Charlotte Brontà «, a 19th century Victorian feminist wrote her novel Jane Eyre as a means of exposing the confining environments, shameful lack of education, and pitiful dependence upon male relatives for survival (Brackett, 2000). Charlotte Brontà « used literature as a means of feminist cultural resistance by identifying the underlying factors of how the Victorian ideologies, gen der and social construction of that time was limiting, and brings to light barriers that faced women in the earlyRead MoreEssay on Jane Eyre - Challenging Victorian Beliefs1028 Words   |  5 PagesJane Eyre - Challenging Victorian Beliefs Charlotte Brontà « challenges the view that men are emotionally, socially and intellectually superior to women. Just as if both had passed through the grave, and we stood at Gods feet, equal - as we are! The 19th century was a period of oppression for women. The patriarchal system that dominated the Victorian period in Englands history, was one during which Charlotte Brontà « wrote and set the novel, Jane Eyre. Brontà « denounces the persecutionRead MoreThe Victorian Century Woman And A Victorian Woman Essay1079 Words   |  5 PagesWhat is the difference between a 21st century woman and a Victorian woman? Most women in the 21st century are exhilarating, lively, intelligent, passionate, and full of life, but who is to say that Victorian women were not? It is said that the typical Victorian woman must have â€Å"inherent qualities of femininity [such as:] emotion, passivity, submission, dependence, and selflessness† (Historical). Most of the Victorian women abode by these social standards and therefore could not speak their true thoughtsRead MoreJane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte1601 Words   |  7 Pagesfeminist’s beliefs would likely shock her, so to interpret t his novel as feminist, one must see it through the lens of the time and place Brontà « wrote it. Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s Jane Eyre was a feminist work in that Bronte expressed disdain for oppressive gender structures through the voice of Jane Eyre, and the actions of Bertha Mason. Jane Eyre was a steamy novel for its time, with imagery as blatantly concealed as Jane’s description of Rochester’s hand as being â€Å"rounded, muscular; and vigorous†¦longRead MoreCharlotte Bronte1859 Words   |  8 PagesCharlotte Bronte was born on April 21, 1816 at Thornton in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Charlotte was the oldest daughter of six kids in the Bronte household. She helped raise her brother, Branwell, and her two sisters, Emily and Anne. As Charlotte and her sisters grew up they started to grow a very vivid and creative imagination. They would play in made up kingdoms and would write stories and poems based on their childhood adventures. These writings that she developed with her sisters were theRead MoreConforming To Society’S Rules Is Not An Option For Everyone.1127 Words   |  5 Pagesorphan Jane Eyre. Jane lived during the Victorian Era in England. During this time period women did not have the same freedoms as men, so as of resul t women lived under constant oppression. Women had to suffer loveless marriages and the inability to survive without men. Not only, were women oppressed emotionally they were not able to be independent from men. Jane Eyre objects the rules of society and attempts to find passion and independence in her life. Within Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontà «, Jane Eyre’sRead MoreFunhouse Mirrors: Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason Essay1717 Words   |  7 PagesTim Bartlett ENG 396 March 23, 2011 Funhouse Mirrors: Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason â€Å"Jane Eyre† is a book centred around female duality. In a time when females were still expected to fulfill their â€Å"womanly duties,† Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel dealing with a woman’s view on morality sexuality, passion sensibility, and conformity insanity, among other themes. This motif of duality plays a strong part in the dynamism that makes up the book, and is not limited to the themes, but is also usedRead More Comparing the Quest for Self in Jane Eyre and Villete Essay3561 Words   |  15 PagesQuest for Self in Jane Eyre and Villete      Ã‚   Why is Villette so disagreeable? Because the writers mind contains nothing but hunger, rebellion and rage. Matthew Arnold, 1853.    Matthew Arnold was certainly forthcoming about the defects of both Charlotte Brontes   mind and of her novel. Indeed he was not alone in his reaction to her; Anne   Mozley in The Christian Remembrancer ;in April 1853 wrote in reaction to   Brontes other great work of rebellion, Jane Eyre, that she had

Qualitative Systematic Review Protocol †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Qualitative Systematic Review Protocol. Answer: Introduction: Green tea is believed in the modern times to possess a therapeutic effect in reliving form a number of physical ailments like digestive symptoms, headaches, prevention of heart disorders and also weight loss and mental awareness. However, it effectivity against cancer is still a question and hence this Pico study will help to address this concern effectively. Key words/search terms/phrases Alternative words/spelling P Young women, women of less age, women who are young, women in youth adolescent and young adult women, women within age limit of 30, unmarried women I Drinking green tea, green tea, Taking in green tea C Black tea, drinking in black tea Normal tea, regular tea, tea without milk O Cancer prevention, prevent cancer, prevention of cancer Keeps away cancer, no chance of cancer, cancer protection, protection from cancer Therefore, the PICO questions that would be formed from the above table is Does drinking of green tea prevent cancer in young women in comparison to women who drinks black tea? Two important databases that are often preferred by nursing professionals all over the world to carry out evidence based practices are Cinahl and Medline. Cinahl is mainly a database whose full name is Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (McGinn et al., 2016). It mainly acts as an index of English language as well as other selected language journal articles which remain based on allied health, nursing, healthcare and biomedicine (Aromataris Ritano, 2014). This site contain authentic papers of renowned researchers and published centers and has been provided on the Web by EBSCO Publishing,who decided to make it visible exclusively to only EBSCOhost platform and not to others. The other database is the Medline database whose full name is (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online, or MEDLARS Online). It is a bibliographic database which mainly helps in providing journal articles and books on life sciences and biomedical information. It contains import ant articles that cover medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, healthcare and also veterinary medicine (Beckles et al., 2013). It also provides information to biology and biochemistry with molecular evolution. Out of the mentioned two databases, Cinahl is used to conduct literature searches to find out evident searches for the Pico questions (Butler, Hall Copnell, 2016). Table 2: Actions Search mode Results Limiters (or expanders) S1 Green tea AND cancer AND young women 6 No limiter Expander apply to all S2 Green tea AND cancer 2 Expander apply to all Limiter published form 2010 to 2011 S3 Green tea AND cancer AND young women 4 Expander apply to all limit 2005 to 2017 S4 Green tea prevents cancer 25 Limiter years from 1998 to 2007 Expander to all S5 Green tea AND prevention of cancer 5 Limiter years 1998 to 2010 Expander to all text types S6 Young women, green tea, cancer 40 Limiter 1998 to 2017 Expander to all types Table 3: Boolean operators truncations Wild card and In, on Not used or Of, for Not used Different strategies were implemented in modifying the database according to the requirement of the Pico question. The elements like limiters, expanders, truncations, Boolean operations and others helped to get the most appropriate papers that helped to meet the criteria of the Pico question. All the strategies applied made the search very narrow and therefore the entire work became a lot easier. The articles which are obtained are nearest to the requirement of the Pico question and helped to meet the concern successfully. An article was found in the Cinahl named Green Tea: Potential Health Benefits published in the year 2009 which was performed by Schneider and Segre. This article had stated that there have been trials which have shown that there has been 20 percent reduction in the risk of breast cancer in women who had taken green tea. The paper also stated that intake of green tea also helped in the 18% reduction of colorectal cancer.and tertiary cancer prevention by the combination of green tea catechins and anticancer compounds.Journal of cancer prevention,20(1), 1. Another article was also found which showed which was proposed by Fujiki et al., in the year 2015. Here the researchers have conducted a cohort study for about ten years. This had shown that drinking 10 Japanese cups of tea per day helped in the delaying of cancer I human beings by 7.3 years among females and 3.2 years among males. Green tea along with tablets of green tea helped in the reduction of colorectal adenomas in polypectomy patients by 51.2% Conclusion: By providing correct strategies in the different databases, proper articles can be got. However, it should be kept in mind that proper databases in the nursing field should be used do that authentic papers are available. References: Aromataris, E., Riitano, D. (2014). Systematic reviews: constructing a search strategy and searching for evidence.AJN The American Journal of Nursing,114(5), 49-56. Beckles, Z., Glover, S., Ashe, J., Stockton, S., Boynton, J., Lai, R., Alderson, P. (2013). 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